Local Restaurants, Local Customers!

Why Advertise, Why Local, Why Restaurants?​


Good food brings people together. At The Prodigal Group, we strive to help local restaurants thrive in your community by partnering with surrounding businesses. When supporting local restaurants through Menu Concepts you will be featured on takeout and delivery menus for an entire 12 months. The menus are on card stock in full color professionally printed. We feature highly-rated local businesses – one of each industry in our menus. No matter what size you decide to go with, you are provided with a graphic artist that provides you with unlimited proofing on artwork, logo and layout. ​

Print Vs. Digital


18 to 25 year-olds who say it's easier to read print than digital content.


Consumers who trust print ads the most when making purchasing decisions.


Consumers who say print drives higher recall.


Of adults go out to drink or eat at least once per week.

Trusted by hundreds of local companies.

The ingredient that is the foundation of our local communities.